The new website and Peach Pass Go! 2.0 mobile app have officially launched. To date, we have already had 34,634 visitors to test the new website and 28,490 customers to download the mobile app. As a loyal Peach Pass customer, thank you for helping us to ensure functionality of the new back office system that populates the website and mobile app. Your feedback on your experience is helping us do a thorough diagnostic evaluation and identify issues post launch so that we can make any necessary adjustments to enhance the services you receive.

It is our goal to keep you engaged and informed,  so we are providing you with some key updates on the status of incidents that you have communicated to us or that we have discovered through ongoing testing of the system.

As always, thank you for helping us to keep moving and for being a loyal Peach Pass Customer!

Website Operational
Desktop Application Operational
Mobile Application Operational
API Operational
Customer Support Services Operational

Current Reported Incidents 11-15/20 to 12-03/20.

Unable to access the new website and mobile app– To log into your account, you will need to establish new login credentials:

  1. Click on “Account Login”
  2. Scroll down and click on “Forgot Password”
  3. *Enter the email address on file on your account
  4. An email with a temporary password will be sent to your email address
  5. Use your email address and temporary password to login
  6. Update your Password

The Peach Pass GO! 2.0 App and the “Recent Activity” sections display the incorrect trip date and time – FIXED as of 12/3/2020. On the website these areas are currently displaying the correct date the trip occurred (based on trip exit date/time) instead of the date the trip was posted into the system. In all areas of the Peach Pass Go! 2.0 mobile app, trips now display the correct trip dates and times (based on trip exit date/time) as well.

I-85 Non-Toll Mode Trips do not reflect the credited toll amount on “Recent Activity” section – FIXED as of 11/17/2020.

Auto replenishments being charged to customer accounts for trips during the upgrade period –  During the upgrade period (October 31-November 15) we suspended posting of trips.  We have now posted trips to accounts that were held during the upgrade period.  Customers were encouraged in advance to ensure their account had adequate funds to cover any trip transactions during the upgrade period, as tolls were still being charged during this time.

Peach Pass GO! 2.0 app: Vehicle/Peach Pass ID displaying incorrect data – When clicking on an Individual transaction, the individual transaction details no longer displays a field called, “Vehicle/Peach Pass ID” – The field and the data under that field have been removed because it was not displaying the customer’s actual Transponder ID or vehicle license plate information but rather an unrelated code utilized by the system. We are working to add that field back in a later release where it will show information to identify the vehicle by either license plate or Peach Pass number.

Requests for violations to be resolved through Professional Account Management (PAM) – SRTA contracts with Professional Account Management (PAM) to service violation payments.  Although they are a collection agency, they offer services to help supplement staff as well, and we are using them as an extension of our inhouse payment team.  For outstanding balances that are past due PAM is handling the payments on our behalf, but rest assured this is NOT having a negative impact on your credit.  To ensure the accurate handling of your matter SRTA Customer Service Center agents will open a case and escalate the matter to PAM on your behalf.

Vehicles make &/or model defined as “Other” – Vehicle information that does not exactly match an auto manufacturer’s official vehicle names were replaced with the word, “other” in the data migration. This typically occurs when there is typo in the spelling of the make or model information, or where the model name is very new. Customers can go to, the Peach Pass GO 2.0 app, or call into Customer Service to update the information.