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I-85 Express Lanes Are Open…

I-85 Express Lanes

I-85 Express Lanes: A Reliable Travel Option

As more and more motorists choose to use the I-85 Express Lanes, it continues to be a viable option for commuters. In its third year of operations, use of the lanes has more than tripled since the first month of operation in October 2011, now with more than 23,000 trips recorded on average each day. In addition, more than 300,000 Peach Passes have been issued to provide customers with reliable travel times when they need it most. That’s good news for those who travel the I-85 corridor. In addition, more express lanes are coming to the Metro Atlanta Area that will offer more choices to help motorists get there faster!

Read more about the third year of operation in the FY14 Annual Performance Report.


I-85 Corridor Map

I-85 Corridor Map

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