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I-85 Express Lanes… Keeping Georgians Moving

I-85 Express Lanes

I-85 Express Lanes: A Reliable Travel Option

As more and more motorists choose to use the I-85 Express Lanes, it continues to be a viable option for commuters. Not only did usage increase for the fourth year in a row, we have also issued more than 300,000 Peach Passes since the lanes opened in 2011. In addition, approximately 2% of the vehicles in the Express Lanes during the morning rush hour are commuter buses, including Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) Xpress, but they make up around 26% of the people moving through the lanes. Having reliable, effective transit service like GRTA Xpress in the Express Lanes adds tremendous value to the state’s investment for motorists, travelers, or drivers, and will continue to be an important strategy to improve mobility on Georgia’s most congested interstates.

Read more about the third year of operation in the FY16 Annual Performance Report.


I-85 Corridor Map

I-85 Corridor Map

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