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When opening a Peach Pass account, there are several accounts types to select from. Those types include 1) toll-personal; 2) toll-corporate; and 3) toll-exempt.

This is an account that is prepaid and you must maintain sufficient funds in your account to cover tolls and other charges incurred by the use of the Peach Pass. When opening your Peach Pass account, you will be charged an initial opening fee (See Peach Pass Schedule of Fees and Charges). If your monthly use is consistently different than your Automatic Replenishment Amount after three months, this amount may increase or decrease (minimum $20.00) to reflect average monthly usage. A maximum of 10 Peach Passes can be linked to a single Personal Peach Pass account. You also have the option to change your “toll mode” (see the Manage My Account section ) to change from toll to non-toll depending on your occupancy. To learn more about Personal accounts, review the Customer Agreement.

A Commercial Toll account is for companies or businesses with corporate owned, leased or rented vehicles. There are no limitations on the number of Peach Passes that may be linked to a Commercial Toll account.

This is an account where all vehicles (See the Customer Agreement. for qualifying toll-exempt vehicles) associated with this account will not have to pay a toll on I-85 Express Lanes. To register for a toll-exempt account, please call the Peach Pass Customer Service Center at 1-855-PCH-PASS (724-7277).

Pay n GO!
The Pay n GO! Peach Pass makes Georgia’s electronic tolling system accessible to users who wish to open and manage Peach Pass accounts with cash rather than a debit or credit card. Much like a prepaid calling card, the Pay n GO! Peach Pass can be purchased and reloaded with toll credits where gift cards and prepaid cards are sold at a local CVS/pharmacy® and Walgreens® store near you. To learn more about the Pay n GO! Peach Pass account, review the Customer Service Agreement  or Frequently Asked Questions  on

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