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Winter Weather Driving Safety

Posted Jan 04, 2017 by admin,

Winter Weather Driving Safety

It’s starting feel a lot like … winter! Temperatures are beginning to drop, so it is important to prepare yourself for the wintery weather conditions. Inclement weather can cause a delay or other issues in regards to your travel plans. Therefore, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with safety tips and precautions before planning your commute.

Before you head out on the road, make sure that your car is in great shape. To avoid freezing, check your anti-freeze and thermostat. Also, check the functionality of your brakes, windshield wipers, tires and other important features within your car. It is ideal to get a routine check on your car before or at the beginning of each winter.

While driving in winter weather conditions, plan smart by leaving your destination ahead of time. Allowing yourself more than enough time to travel will give you the time to drive with caution and to beat heavy traffic.
You can also avoid traffic by utilizing our I-85 Express Lanes which can be accessed by registering for a Peach Pass. A Peach Pass will allow you to move safely to your destination with little to wait time and no rush.

Before driving in our I-85 Express Lanes, be aware of potentially icy areas, sleet and freezing rains. Knowing the weather conditions beforehand will help you determine the best plan of action for your commute. If you cannot avoid driving in icy or snowy areas, take it slow. Refrain from speeding and driving in close proximities to other vehicles.

In the case of an extreme emergency, it is always best to have a winter driving safety kit that is easy to locate in your vehicle. In your kit, you should have items such as a flash light, blankets, a first-aid kit, bottled water, nonperishable food items, jumper cables, etc. Be sure to also have a spare tire available along with a tire repair kit. Always remember to use safe and smart driving practices during the cold winter months, so that you can fully enjoy the holiday season! 

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